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Valeting buildings

The Omega Steel Building offers a great cost effective solution for Valeting centres, whether at Main Dealers for leading manufactures or the more local service.  Our light weight construction, automated design/detailing and reduced ground works, bring our building to a budget that meets the lower capital expenditure budget for such solutions.

Omega Valeting Buildings are available with roller shutter door, personnel access doors, window openings and anti-condensation treatment. We can accommodate most requirements.

Utilising the latest rolling and laser technology we are able to supply a precision designed and manufactured portal frame, with door and window openings to suit your individual requirements, allowing for maximisation of space to meet the everyday requirements of your business.

The Omega Frame is constructed using high tensile yield cold formed material pre-galvanized, providing a strong quality construction.

The exterior is generally steel clad, however we can work with other options if required.

Please contact our team to start discussing your requirements.

Other Applications for our Buildings are:

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