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Quality Steel Buildings
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Omega Steel Framed Buildings and Associated Products

Steel Buildings

Omega supply steel framed buildings for many applications, due to our diverse back room software the quotation of steel buildings large or small is made swift and easy. Our steel frames are assembled using high yield strength cold rolled profiles.  Cold rolled profiles tend to have a better strength to weight ratio than alternative steel building construction methods, resulting in the cold rolled building being a great cost effective solution. Omega steel buildings can also be manufactured and delivered to site in 4-6 working weeks from receipt of order / final approval of building size colour etc.

Common uses of Omega’s Steel Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Farm Buildings
  • Home Steel Workshops
  • Garages
  • General storage buildings
  • Temporary storage buildings
  • Temporary plant storage buildings
  • Home Garden offices
  • Steel framed construction with access constraints
  • Light weight steel building requirements

Omega steel buildings are collated in Kidderminster, Worcestershire making access to sites across England and Wales very easy and cost effective. Collating all materials directly at our own facility gives Omega Steel Buildings the opportunity to ensure all products are present and to the high standard we expect. This facility is a worthwhile investment as lost time on site due to missing and incorrect items can be costly. The Omega steel building is designed to the latest standards, we take care to ensure our kit form Steel Building creates complete satisfaction. To discuss your design and supply requirements please contact us. If you are interested in used Steel Buildings for sale or cancelled orders please click here.

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Zed Purlin & Rail Systems

The Omega range of Purlin and side rail solutions, offers profiles from 120mm – 300mm in both Cee and Zed sections. Omega uses the latest advancement in materials offering high tensile yield improving the cost effective nature of our products. Our Purlin product is manufactured from pre-hot dipped galvanised Steel, G275 coating with minimum yield strength of 390 N/mm². Our range of profiles and associated accessories can be delivered in 5-7 working days. These Products are also known as:

  • Steel Purlins
  • Sleeved Purlins
  • Cladding Rails
  • Stud and Track
  • Steel Roofing System
  • Butted Purlins

Bespoke profiles are available; please contact us with your specific request.

Industrial Roller Doors

Industrial Roller Doors can often be the first thing your visitor sees, as your doors can often make up 20-30% of the visible areas of your building. Therefore is it critical that the right roller door is used to make the best impression. At Omega we are committed to providing you with the roller doors that best suit your application and budget. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cladding Systems

Omega steel Buildings supply a wide variety of Steel Cladding Solutions. Our products are of the highest standard and no short cuts are made in delivering and meeting our valued customer expectations. Omega Metal Cladding Product Range

  • Metal Roof Sheets
  • Metal Wall Sheets
  • Tile Effect Metal Roof Sheets
  • Liner Panels
  • Metal Barge Flashings
  • Metal Ridge Flashings
  • Metal Corner Flashings
  • Metal Eaves Flashings
  • Metal Guttering
  • Grid Spacer Bars and Brackets

We are able to supply Bespoke Architectural Profiles and Flashings, please contact our Team Site Map


Whilst expensive costs are incurred in traditional design of Steel Framed Buildings, at Omega we use software exclusively developed to automate a lot of processes making our steel building solution more cost effective by reducing costs that would normally be accrued during these stages. As our Software creates Cam files that are feed straight into the manufacturing processes, the scope for human error is reduced, this achieves an accurate quality component every time. Our Steel Buildings use high yield cold rolled materials to form the main frame and secondary support steel. Cold Rolled is now more widely used in structures due to material advancement and profiles can often reduce the steel frame weight by 50%, significantly reducing costs. This weight reduction can speed up erection time on site and virtually eliminate the need for heavier, more expensive plant hire giving additional savings on Steel Building erection costs. In addition, due to the high strength light weight nature of our product, the base requirements are reduced. A further saving to your project

Industrial Buildings

Our Industrial Building solution uses a pre-galvanised, cold rolled section to produce the frame. Cold rolled has developed considerable over the last 10 years, due to advancements in roll forming technologies. To find out more about the benefits of using cold rolled sections to produce buildings of Steel Frame Construction click here Our Steel Frames can comfortably accommodate 20 metre spans, with a maximum height to Eaves of 6.5 metres. At Omega we are always endeavouring to push the boundaries to improve our steel building performance and satisfy additional demands. Omega offers a range of Cladding Solutions, discover details on our metal cladding range. Due to Omega’s backroom design and detailing software, we are able to deliver steel framed buildings within 7 working days of final approval of sizes and account clearance.

Kit Buildings

Our Steel Building Kits are supplied with industrial roller shutter doors and personnel doors in line with our customers’ requirements along with all fixings needed to complete the steel frame and cladding. The component parts of our Steel Buildings are individually packed as part of a bolt together kit to be assembled on site. This means that individual components of our steel framed building can be manually carried from the roadside to the erection site even if there is limited access. We specialise in the design and supply of small to medium size steel framed buildings from Metal Garages to Industrial Buildings, Commercial Buildings and Agricultural Buildings of any length with pitched roof spans of up to 20 metres and eaves heights of up to 6.5 metres. Due to the flexibility of our designs, future expansion of our steel buildings is possible whether by the need to add additional bays increasing the length of the steel framed building, or adding another steel building to the side. Utilising the latest rolling and laser technology we are able to manufacture and supply a portal steel frame that is precision designed, with door and window openings to suit your individual requirements. When it comes to the overall finish of your building, Omega can offer a wide variety of cladding solutions, personnel access doors and industrial roller shutter doors. To start planning your new Industrial Building today contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Agricultural Buildings

Like Industrial Buildings and Commercial Steel Buildings, traditionally Agricultural Buildings have used heavyweight hot rolled beams. Our Steel Agricultural Buildings of cold rolled steel frame construction offer an alternative without compromising strength. Our software takes full account of wind and snow load factors applicable to site location and elevation which results in our steel buildings not only suiting its purpose but also its location. To start planning your new Agricultural Building today contact our team to discuss your requirements. We are able to design and supply small to medium size Agricultural Buildings of any length with pitched roof spans of up to 20 metres and eaves heights of up to 6.5 metres incorporating access doors to meet your requirements and offering cladding solutions to compliment your agricultural buildings surroundings. So whether your agricultural building is a barn, stable or a small tractor shed we have a cost effective solution that will meet your steel framed buildings requirements.

Metal Garages and Home Workshops

As our software can design small steel buildings it lends itself well to the design of metal garages and home workshops. The beauty of our steel building solution is they are supplied in kit form down to the last nut and bolt and are easily transported to a site where there is limited access available. Delivery can be made within seven days of design approval and account clearance. If you wish to self-build your metal garage or steel building, we can provide you with instruction and drawings for the process of erecting your steel framed building. Alternatively have one of our skilled approved contractors erect your new steel frame construction.

Steel Buildings

Omega Steel Building Solutions specialise in customer focused commitment in the design and supply of high quality steel buildings, utilising the latest advancements in technology in both cold rolling and laser cutting technology, we are able to offer cost effective solutions for your steel building. Our design software takes account of usage, location; wind and snow load all relevant criteria when designing a steel building. All component parts in the framework are pre-galvanised or stainless steel to ensure not only a quality product also long life. Our steel buildings framework consists of the following component parts, pre- galvanised columns, the width, depth of flanges and thickness of which are determined by our design software which takes account of both the height and span of the steel building as well as location, usage and wind and snow load factors, the same criteria applies to the rafters, these components are connected using a pre-galvanised laser cut bracket purposely designed not only to connect the components but also to add bracing to the steel building, the side rails and roof purlins utilise a pre-galvanised zed section. All component parts are manufactured using CAM data input giving a degree of accuracy unlikely to be achieved manually, all components are supplied accurately pre-drilled and easily assembled using grade 8.8 nuts and bolts, the benefits of this system, against the conventional hot rolled option reduction in lead time, reduction in cost (can be up to 40%), reduction in erection cost, reduction in the cost of plant hire. Further benefits include: – the system is bolt together making it easy to take down and move, ideal if you want a temporary steel building, though our system should not be regarded has a temporary solution as the component parts would be expected to last a minimum of 40 years under normal conditions and usage.

Temporary Steel Buildings

Should you require a temporary steel building, here are a few possibilities the Omega Steel Building Solution could be used as, temporary steel warehouse building (additional storage), temporary Industrial steel building, temporary agricultural building (barn, tractor shed), temporary workshop, temporary storage on a building site a place for the various trades to store their tools, equipment and materials securely our buildings can be supplied with internal walls in a multitude of configurations. Your temporary steel building could be supplied within three weeks of design approval to any part of the UK, and if required erected by one of our recommended erection teams.

Expandable Steel Buildings

An additional benefit of the Omega Steel Building solution is future expansion of your business, our steel building solution consists of bolt together portal frames creating a building with equal length bays, to add additional bays presents no problems, it would involve the removal of the wall cladding, rails, and gable posts from one gable, the erection of the requisite number of bays, refitting of the rails , cladding and gable posts in the gable end and re-cladding, our system also can cater for the erection of another building alongside your existing building, the minor problem of taking away the rainwater can be overcome by a purpose designed valley guttering.

Omega Steel Building Solutions

Omega Steel Building Solutions design software ensures all buildings are designed and manufactured to British Standards, the advancements in cold rolling technology and the improvements in yield strength enables us to offer the most cost effective solution available in today’s marketplace, unlike many of our competitors, our steel building solution utilises a wider variety of section sizes and thicknesses, resulting in no building being over or under required specification, over specification adds to the cost under specification means the supply of a building not fit for purpose, our software produces the relevant design calculation for each and every building ensuring local authority building control regulations are met. The design ensures we maximise available strength from each section and bracket. We are all aware in today’s society the danger of leaving specialised tools and equipment overnight in a vehicle, loss of tools could mean loss of income, investment in a secure steel shed could be the answer, not only will it provide security and protect your valuable equipment from the weather, it could also provide an accessibility solution via a double secure steel PA door or small size secure roller shutter door. Secure storage is a must if you are self employed. Omega Steel Building Solutions byword for all staff is customer focused commitment, we aim to deliver high quality steel buildings competitively where customer needs are paramount, our software does not just have one solution, it is versatile, it will deliver what you want in the quality you desire our aim is customer satisfaction.

Steel Sheds for Home Storage

Consider the alternatives: Timber: requires continuous maintenance, timber needs to be treated annually, roofing felt lasts 5 – 10 years, exterior timbers will require replacement after around 10 years. Metal sheds: from your local DIY or catalogue store, flimsy not built to last manufactured from thin galvanised angle and thin polyester coated steel. Brick: will certainly do the job but very expensive, one to consider is the Omega Solution our Steel Sheds are built to last a lifetime and are competitively priced.

Steel Sheds for Storage at Work

Steel sheds are a definite solution for the growing business, having to store accounts etc for seven years can present a problem for a company limited for space, every company needs a storage solution that will provide a safe, secure and dry environment, the Omega steel shed will provide a solution. Whatever space you have available we can provide a solution that is cost effective, attractive, and with careful selection of finishing colours can blend with the existing building

Commercial Steel Buildings

The Omega Steel Building solution offers flexibility in design, and most importantly can be delivered within a maximum of 4 weeks from design approval. Whether you require a steel warehouse building for storage, a steel commercial building for manufacturing, a steel workshop, a Steel Garage or MOT station, a steel agricultural building for a barn, livestock or equipment, a steel building for a retail outlet, a steel equestrian centre we have a solution, your building can be designed to suit your requirements on window openings and door types the only limitation on Industrial roller shutter doors is the width and height must be able to fit within the dimensions of the buildings, we offer a range of cladding solutions in a wide range of colours al to suit your needs. All steel buildings are supplied to meet your needs and expectations, our strength, most importantly is to listen to you in the design stage and deliver a building that you are completely satisfied with. We understand the need to supply a high quality, secure yet cost effective building and as a company we are committed to provide a steel building fitting this criteria.

Steel Buildings for Specialised Businesses or uses

The uses of metal framed building is limitless, they can be provided with a single skin covering, a built up double skin or insulated panels, the building can be provided with an opening at the bottom for a dado wall, they can be fitted with a variety of door types they also can be fitted with vented panels, these options can provide a solution for a variety of specialised businesses or uses, such as animal welfare, whether it is a single stable and a storage area for one horse or several our software can provide a solution, we can provide a steel building that can be used as a stable block, in addition if you are teaching people to ride we can provide you with an open sided steel building that would enable you to teach even in the most inclement weather. Do you have a business taking care of dogs and cats whilst their owners are away, we appreciate the need to keep them safe, secure warm and dry, and Omega can supply a solution for your steel building requirements. We provide a steel building that just like a conventional brick built building our buildings can be fitted out with internal walls, mains services etc:, some of which we may already have a solution for which could be discussed at the design stage, so if your need is for a building to be fully covered on the roof and one side to be clad to allow an open air run with protection from the weather and sleeping accommodation on the other we can work with you to provide a solution to your needs. Let us not also forget, choosing a steel building radically cuts the cost of maintenance, just think no re-pointing, no replacing roof tiles, the first time you will consider repainting would be 15-20 years. Do you have an internet based business? Is your stock in every room of the house? Do you need a storage facility and possibly an office? Omega could have the solution with our steel office workshop building. We can offer a variety of cladding solutions that will blend into a residential area. The beauty of our solution it is suitable for sites with limited access, all component parts can be manually carried, so if you have that limited amount of space in your back garden and want to free up the rooms in your home consider our steel office workshop.

Steel Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Buildings

We at Omega appreciate the needs of the farming community and their need to have multi functional buildings, storage of hay for the winter, lambing in the spring, storage of farm machinery, we can discuss your needs and build them into the design of your agricultural steel building, part of the building could have an opening at the bottom for a dado wall, part of the walls completely open to facilitate the storage of your farm machinery, the options are there and can be discussed at the design stage of your building. We are well aware that in agriculture any expenditure needs to be cost effective we believe we have the capabilities to provide the agricultural industry with a high quality, sturdy, long lasting, low maintenance agricultural building at a very competitive price. Explore the options of movable stalls, mezzanine floors all of which can be fitted into one of our steel buildings. All of our buildings are of a bolt together construction, erection of the smaller buildings is well within the capabilities of the average farmer, full plans and erection instructions will be provided bear in mind also our staff are available to advise you on any query you may have.

Metal Framed Buildings

These have been around for many years traditionally they were manufactured from hot rolled “I” section steel welded together off site and transported to the erection site on heavy lorry’s they also require heavy lifting gear on site, erection times were long and the procedure arduous. Advancements in cold rolled technology as revolutionised metal framed buildings making them lighter in weight, therefore less costly, technology has advanced so much in recent years, the yield strength from cold rolled sections has increased so much that metal buildings with spans of up to 25 metres can now be produced using the cold rolled option, location, wind and snow loading factors could possibly limit the spans to 20 metres, providing support columns are acceptable within the building there is no reason why a multitude of building could not be erected side by side, there is no limitation on length. All of our metal buildings can be fitted with industrial roller shutter doors in either the gable or side elevation walls the limits on height and width are dependent on the dimensions of the building.

Steel Portal Framed Buildings

Our Portal frame construction is a design concept utilising high yield cold rolled sections, bolted together using rigid joints which allows some of the bending moments to be transferred into the columns being able to calculate the reduction in bending moments allows us to reduce the size of the rafters or increase the width of span using the same size rafter, this makes our portal frame design a very efficient, versatile, cost effective construction technique which eliminates the needs for centre support posts on spans of up to 20 metres width giving the building user greater internal available space, portal frame technology puts no restriction on the buildings length.Typical uses of portal frame technology are warehouses and barns where an economical building with a wide open internal space is desirable and a pitched roof is acceptable. Portal frames can be clad using a wide variety of materials, the most popular of our solutions being a strong durable roll formed metal cladding which would be fixed to sheeting rails spanning between the columns of the portal frames that make up the building.

Steel Garages

Omega Steel garages are manufactured to the same high quality standards as all of our other buildings, the benefits of our design makes a self build process a reality, all component parts in the frame are bolted together using laser cut brackets and cleats, all columns and rails are supplied accurately cut to required size with holes of the right size and in the right place to allow easy assembly. We purposely do not produce a standard size garage as we believe everyone has different needs with regard to size, door types, and cladding requirements. If a project is price driven one could select polyester covered cladding, if at the other end of the scale the intention is to use the building for a garage workshop/office/utility it may be necessary for the building to be clad using insulated composite panels, The roof panels could be fitted with a tile effect cladding panel to blend with residential surroundings. Our design software allows for this freedom of choice. All of our steel building frames are supplied in kit form right down to the last nut and bolt. All cladding panels are supplied to the correct length, the only trimming needed should be at the roof line at each gable end and the last panel in each run on the side walls, all of the cladding/flashings are fitted using matching coloured wall/roof screws and stitching screws. All of our steel garages can be erected without the need for specialist tools and expensive lifting gear.

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