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Robust Steel Framed Buildings

The Omega Industrial Building Solution uses a pre-galvanised, cold rolled section to produce the frame. Cold rolled has developed considerable over the last 10 years, due to advancements in roll forming technologies. Cold rolled profiles can now be produced with automated punching on any axis and variations of section sizes from 50 mm to 500 mm. The steel used to produce the Omega Industrial Building has a high yield, resulting in great strength to weight ratios. Yield strength is measured in N/mm2 and over recent years, standard yield strengths have improved from 280N/mm 2 to 350N/mm2 then 390N/mm2 and now 450N/mm2 with 550N/mm, available upon special order.

With each jump in yield strength, the cold rolled section has improved its strength to weight ratio by approximately 8-11%.

The automated nature of manufacture means a consistent quality and accuracy that skilled labour often struggle to emulate.

The Omega Steel Frame is robust, finished well due to the pre-galvanised frame and designed to the latest standards and codes, it is simple and fast to erect. Offering further savings.

The Omega Frames can comfortably accommodate 20 metre spans, with a maximum height to Eaves of 6.5 metres. At Omega we are always endeavouring to push the boundaries to improve our building performance and satisfy additional demands.

Omega offers a range of Cladding Solutions. Single Skin Polyester can be offered for those price driven projects, where a simple building is required with no frills. Plastisol outer sheets with leather grain effect, for those building that need to look effective. The Plastisol can also be supplied as part of an insulated built up system meeting Part l Building Regulations and finally a composite panel finish.

Due to Omega’s backroom design and detailing software, we are able to deliver buildings within 7 working days of final approval of sizes and account clearance.

The Omega Steel Building Kit is supplied with, industrial roller, insulated and personnel doors if required and all fixings needed to complete the frame and cladding.

Due to the high strength light weight nature of our product, the base requirements are reduced. A further saving to your project.

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