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On Line Automated Quotation for Steel Buildings

Our simple to use online quotation tool allows you to specify the size and finish of the Steel Framed Building you require, whilst also taking into account important factors relating to the proposed location of your Steel Building

Your tailored automated quotation can be obtained by completing four easy steps:

  • Location
  • Dimensions
  • Finish
  • Door Access

This quotation tool is geared towards standard steel framed buildings, if you require other options that are not offered on our online quotation tool to be incorporated into your design please contact our team with your requirements so that we can produce a bespoke solution to assist you in realising your vision.


Our software enables your steel framed building to not only suit its purpose but also suit its location.

Wind Speed:

Discover the average wind speed for your area on the map

Altitude and Distance from Sea:

Discover the altitude and distance from the sea of your site using Google Earth

Printable Google Earth [PDF 1.3MB] instructions for altitude and distance from sea

The information you provide is for quotation purposes only, a full wind analysis will be carried out by ourselves at the time of ordering.

Town or Country:

Tell us the location type of your building


Simply enter the dimensions of the steel framed building you wish to create, our easy to use software details the minimum and maximum dimensions you can choose for your steel frame construction.


Here you can specify the materials and colour for the external metal cladding of your steel building

Door Access:

How would you like your building to be accessed, specify the quantity, type and location of your personnel access and industrial roller shutter doors

Now all that is left for you to do is submit your specifications and an automated e-mailed steel building quotation will be generated for your convenience.

Our quotation will detail the construction materials, the specification, the steel framed building kit price and lead time along with a to scale drawing of all elevations detailing colour selection, door type and positioning.

In addition, your quotation will also outline your options for planning applications and building erection.

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